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Apr 05, 2023

Unit title & code:Leadership, management and team working for professional practice NUR023-2
Weighting of assessment: 70%
Unit learning outcomes:
1.Analyse the qualities and impact of a leader within healthcare settings
2.Reflect on the influences that communication, change and conflict have on practice decisions and outcomes
3.Promote a supportive and educative workplace culture by enlisting the support of team members and contributing to their professional development
4.Analyse the role of the manager and the skills and qualities required to make effective decisions and meet health service quality and expectations
NUR023-2 Leadership Management & Team Working For Professional Practice Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

What am I required to do in this assignment?
You are required to write an individual essay that explores leadership, management and team working in professional practice.

You will need to integrate examples seen in practice to theories of leadership, management and team working. You will analyse why the
examples were either good or needed to be improved and how this could be done.

You will need to consider all of the learning outcomes above and demonstrate your understanding of theory and how it can impact on the
delivery of high quality care in the NHS by linking the theory you use to the examples seen and stated.

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