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May 13, 2023

Transformational change within an organization can be prompted by a wide variety of sources. Organizations today are impacted by technology, globalization, market changes, consumer demands, diversity, workplace culture, their employees, and a host of other influences. Companies often respond to these influences by undertaking transformations.

Imagine that you have been hired by a new owner of an organization who wants to evaluate existing employees and create a plan for hiring new employees to replace ineffective existing employees. You will be assisting him in developing a transformational change plan for the organization.

Along with the development of a transformational plan that transitions from existing employees to new hires, you will also review your own skills and competencies with regard to your chosen field of study.

To begin the plan, use this link to find a list of occupations.

Complete the following for this assignment:

Pick an occupation from the list generated that is close to a position that you hope to achieve with your degree.
Briefly summarize the tasks, knowledge, skills, and abilities that are associated with that job.
Individual or interpersonal process interventions aim at improving organizational performance by developing the specific skills of individuals. Using structural, technological, and behavioral strategies, complete the following:

Identify how you can use information about work positions to develop an organizational intervention that leads to change.
Discuss how employee changes impact the culture of the organization and organizational development

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