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May 10, 2023
Answer :
Organization Selected : MTR Crossrail


Business organisation can be defined as those activities which are offering various products and services to the customers in order to earn some profits. (Afzal, 2016). Globalisation refers to the world trade activities that lead the business to perform their work at the international level. In context of business organisation at a global level it is defined as a business action and activity where company exchange their services across the world and in return they get foreign exchange from the buyers. This report is written from the perspective of MTR Crossrail which is developing and extending a railway in the London. It is an agreement between the Transport for London and MTR corporations. Further, this report highlight on PESTLE analysis to understand the environment of Denmark country (Ryder, 2015). Along with this Porter’s five forces will also be considered in this report to analysis the impact of various aspects in country. In the last, plans are extended in the organisation to complete the work in effective manner.

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