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May 26, 2023

Assignment Scenario 1

Mrs. Spoon is a 48-year-old woman who works part-time as a kindergarten assistant and comes to the physiotherapy clinic with a history of Pain, numbness, and tingling in her right hand (particularly in the lateral three fingers) over the last 6 weeks, especially in night.(Insidious onset).

She recently started to have difficulty in using right hand for gripping and it is starting to affect the work as a kindergarten assistant. (She is right-hand dominant).

She feels the pain is getting worse because it is now extending up the forearm that wakes her up atleast once in the night. The pain and numbness is also making her weak in the functional activity like gripping, opening jars and working activities like packing up play equipment at kindergarten. At the end of the day she feels very painful. It has also affected her tennis which is her favorite leisure time sport activity. There is some relief while she changes position of her wrist and hand. Aspirin medication has helped a little in pain relief (started aspirin 2 weeks ago on advice of GP).

She was diagnosed with non-insulin-dependent diabetes 5 years ago, currently well controlled with diet and exercises.


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