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Sep 26, 2023

Assignment Question

For Week 3 discussion forum post to your group, your response should be no more than about 1 page double spaced in length. Use a word processor, so that you can proofread, edit and have this written commentary look professional (e.g., use complete sentences, check spelling and grammar, avoid slang). Start with one paragraph in which you summarize the points in Chapter 3 of the textbook AND the Ted Talk by Dr. Laura Carstensen on “Older People Are Happier” that you have found most interesting and important as you begin/continue to learn about aging. Then discuss how these ideas about positive aging might be related to culture and aging. What are some of the reasons that we are paying attention to issues of ethnic and cultural diversity in this class? What have you found most interesting and/or important across the informational sites and videos about ethnogerontology so far? In this same paragraph, after reading the questions posted on friday by your classmates, add in your understanding of at least one of the questions posted by one of your classmates (were you able to find anything in Chapter 3 that answers that question? Do you have information from another source that may help?). I’m not asking you to guess or give your opinion about the question – rather, if you have access to information about material/evidence/research findings specific to that question, this paragraph is the place to address that point. attached below: -My week 3 key points -an article “3 steps to age exuberantly” -chapter 3 screenshots -4 screenshots of other students responses to previous assignment to help with this assignment

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