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Jul 13, 2023

Transferable skills:
This assessment will assist in the development of the following transferable skills:
Transferable Skill 1: Independence

You will be engaging with independent learning throughout the module in organizing your own work/learning schedule. For example, watching online lectures and taking notes, engaging with the online discussion board, and locating and reading external information relating to the course content. In addition, your assessment requires independently researching a specific research question and presenting your proposed hypothetical project.

Transferable Skill 2: Critical thinking and problem-solving

You will judge the value of various experiments to show, through evidence, the most useful methodology to be employed in the neuropsychological area you are examining. You will be invited to take part in discussions and debates during live sessions, in order to develop critical thinking and knowledge grounded in theoretical arguments in the field of neuropsychology. You will create a cogent rationale for your proposed research, based on previous published literature.

Transferable Skill 3: Self-awareness

This module addresses and discusses how humans perceive the world via a variety of sensory mechanisms (e.g., visually, aurally, haptically, etc.). The module also investigates various types of memory, learning, language production and comprehension, decision
making, and psychopharmacology, enabling you to understand how these aspects relate to your own life and to the experience of others.

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