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Mar 30, 2023

Assignment number and title 1: Critical appraisal of a published article
Unit learning outcomes: 1.Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding: A critical understanding of the principles, analytical techniques, tool kits and methods in health intelligence, and their application to improving public health practice.
2.Demonstrate the following skills and abilities: critically assess and synthesize the role of public health or health intelligence in terms of translating evidence into public health policy through synthesizing, appraising, interpreting and communicating intelligence that measures the health status, risks, needs and health outcomes of defined populations.
PUB015-6 Critical Appraisal Of A Published Article Assignment-Bed ford shire University UK.

What am I required to do in this assignment?

  • Write a critical appraisal of the given research paper.
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the research study (randomised controlled trial/CC/cohort/meta-analysis)
  • Using a relevant appraisal tool that is suitable for the type of research study being appraised.
    Potential headings could include:

Potential headings could include:

a.Substantive – was the research problem significant to public health/public health intelligence? Can the study make an important contribution?
b.Theoretical – were the conceptual or theoretical underpinnings sound?
c.Methodological – were the methods rigorous and appropriate? Are findings sound?
d.Interpretative – did the researcher properly analyse and interpret the data?
e.Ethical – were the rights of the study participants protected?
f.Stylistic – is the paper clearly written and well organised?

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