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Apr 01, 2023

Unit Code & Title : R/617/1686 Business Environment
Assessment Type : Assignment
Level 4 Sales & Marketing
12 Credits
Sample Assignment
Assignment Brief
Task 1 : You have just completed a business management qualification by distance learning whilst living and working in the capital city of a developing country. You have recently accepted a position as Management Trainee in a not- for-profit organisation, called INFORM which is, financed by the Central Government.
R/617/1686 Business Environment Assignment-A THE UK

For several years now, the Government has been concerned about how many small and medium sized businesses within the country fail to survive more than three years. The aim of INFORM is to provide help and advice to businesses in this sector, in order to reduce the number of small firms closing down. The CEO of INFORM has decided to divide staff into a number of teams each tackling different areas of support which can be provided. These include amongst others specialist advice on marketing or human resource issues for the small and medium sized firm sector.

R/617/1686 Business Environment Assignment-A THE UK

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