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Oct 19, 2023


Assignment requires the students to work individually to prepare the recommendation part of the marketing plan for The Reject Shop Limited. The company is seeking recommendations on future marketing direction that includes opening a new concept store in Australia. Consequently, the group is seeking your input for the target market(s), product offerings, new location [a specific street address] and launch communications plan. Specifically, the new store is designed to be a concept store that could sell new categories of product and/or target new customer segments. You can assume that the new store will be 30% larger than present store sizes.

Given that this is a national group, you have been asked to present your recommendations in a 6-minute video (maximum) that will be viewed by The Reject Shop`s head office staff in Melbourne and key staff in different states [this is just part of the scenario - in practice your video will only be viewed by your lecturer/marker]. You will not be present at the viewing, and to make a good impression your presentation needs to have a logical flow, be clear, and concise, and of a professional standard. Remember, you only have 6 minutes [360 seconds] to communicate your recommendations and the benefits that can be achieved. Therefore, it is important to be succinct and to the point.

Your assignment should show an application of relevant marketing concepts, theories, and analytic tools learnt in the unit. The mark for this assessment will depend primarily on presenting appropriate and supporting evidence and on the ability to justify the recommendations.

The presentation is a video recorded via PowerPoint utilizing your PowerPoint slides. Please see other details on how to record the presentation using either of these options. It is a requirement to record the presentation with face to the camera.

Time limit: 6 minute video presentation (maximum)

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