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Sep 02, 2023


Assuming you are a production manager in a semiconductor manufacturing company in Penang. Due to the ease of the COVID-19 movement order, the border is now open for foreign workers to work in Malaysia in the manufacturing sector. Your company plans to bring 100 operator workers in from Bangladesh. These workers are unable to speak neither English nor Bahasa Malaysia.

In the recent production meeting, a local supervisor highlighted there would be a high possibility of production problems due to miscommunication with those Bangladeshi workers.  You need to analyze the supervisor’s concerns as soon as possible because it is involved the quality of the product.


You are required to write a report about your own personal problem and propose a solution to the problem.  Think of any problem or issue at work or in your own personal life that you are encountering now. You need a strategic solution for your problem.

Your report should be based on the following components:

  1. Introduction: The objective of the report
  2. Content:
  3. Description of the issue/problem;
  4. Application of ONE (1) problem-solving tool or decision-making strategy to solve or decide on the issue/problem;
  • Elaboration on the solution or decision of the issue/problem.
  1. Conclusion – Summary of the report and self-reflection about the process of doing the assignment.
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