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May 18, 2023
      • Question 1

        (a) Consider the average daily temperature of your residential area, and provide the data for 30 consecutive days. Your data must be obtained from a reliable source

        (b) Based on the data in (a), you are required to prepare a table (for grouped data) as shown in (b)(ii). Answer the following questions.

        (i) Determine the number of classes and the class width (class size).

        (ii) Complete the following table based on


        (iii) Based on the table in (b)(ii), plot the histogram. You may use EXCEL to generate the histogram.
        (iv) Based on the table in (b)(ii), plot the ogive. You may use EXCEL to generate the ogive.
        (v) Find the first and third quartiles from the ogive obtained in (b)(iv).
        (iv) Determine whether the distribution of the data is right-skewed, symmetric, or left-skewed.

        Question 2

        Based on the data you obtained in Question 1(a), answer the following questions by using the formula to correct to one decimal place.

        • Arrange the data in ascending order.
        • Determine the mean.
        • Find the mode
        • Find the median.
        • Evaluate the variance and state the standard deviation.
        • Compute the first and second Pearson’s Coefficient of skewness.
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