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Apr 03, 2023

Question 1
Can you summarize three main genome browsers? Use them to explore human TERT gene and answer:
a) Its chromosome location and total length.
b) How many exons this gene has?
c) What’s the function of TERT protein? You can use other databases.
SCI4016-N Advanced Bioinformatics Assignment-Tees side University UK

Question 2
Consider a human disease for which a gene has been implicated (such as APP in Alzheimer’s disease) and a mouse model is available. How can forward genetics approaches can be used to study this disease? How can reverse genetics approaches can be used? What are some of the differences
in the kinds of information these two approaches can provide?

Question 3
The complete genome of bat corona virus Ra TG 13 has a NCBI accession number: MN996532, and the reference genome of SARS-Cov-2 has a NCBI assession number: NC_045512.2
a) Compare the length, number of genes, length of each gene of these two corona virus genomes.
b) Find the top 10 most similar SARS-cov2 genomes from human covid19 patients using NCBI BLAST for MN996532 and NC_045512 against beta corona virus database respectively, and compare the results, e.g., outcome genome length, identity. Need to specify the parameters used in the searching.

Question 4
You have two protein sequences:
Sequence 1: FKHMEDPLE and Sequence 2: FMDTPLNE
Complete the global pairwise alignment using Needleman-Wunsch approach by filling the following table.

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