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May 03, 2023

(Five Pages) Knowledge of the subject matter and the author’s reasons are to be explored. The topic must be consisting of four parts: Outline, Bibliography, Draft, and Final Paper. The paper will demonstrate your ability to utilize criminological theory in any of the following three areas: police, adjudication process or correctional philosophy. Plagiarism of any type is unacceptable on the College level. This is a research paper using proper academic sources found in the library. You are expected to cite at least 2 scholarly articles as well as 2 books and 2 other sources. (2+2+2) Sources from websites and the internet are NOT acceptable unless approved. They are limited to those materials that are considered scholarly and they must be footnoted properly (consult the APA Manual for instructions). All references and footnotes must follow APA form. The outline is the organization of your paper. The topic is Sexual assault & Sexual harassment within prisons.


(Since this class is a gender & the law class throughout the year we’ve learned alot about Patriarchy, Sexual assault/ harrassment, Rape, Discrimination, and stalking between men and women and how gender plays such a big role in these topics. I chose the sexual assault/ harrassment portion of what we learned so now I would like to intergrate alot of the material I’ve learned in the class to the essay aswell)

– I may submit up to two drafts for this assignment through Safe Assign to determine the percentage of plagiarism. It should not be more than 5%

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