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Apr 05, 2023

Unit title & code : SHR011-3 Developing Professional Human Resource Management Practice
Assignment number and title : Assessment 2 – CPD Portfolio
Assignment type : CW-PO
Weighting of assignment : 60%
Size or length of assessment : 3500 words
SHR011-3 Human Resource Management Practice Assessment 2 – UK.

Unit learning outcomes :1.Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding [CIPD 5DPP LO 1 & 2]
a.Assess the major methods used to evaluate the contribution made by the HR function and be able to put some of these into practice.
b.Propose effective change management solutions in a given context.
c. Present a sound business case for managing HRM policies and practices in a professional, ethical and just manner.

What am I required to do in this assignment?
Assessment 2 – Is the creation of a CPD portfolio which will allow you to document your development using evidence from activity within workshop sessions, practice weeks, group work and self-directed learning as well as learning activity away from university (placements, employment experiences, voluntary work etc.). This assessment will allow you to develop your ability to critically evaluate your development throughout the unit and to discuss the competencies you have gained and how this will impact on your future performance and behaviour.

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