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Jul 20, 2023

Step 1 – Multi-Model Analysis

You are to apply ALL of the models/concepts in the following list to (your allocated company):

  1. Strategic Purpose, Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) framework.
  2. Hambrick and Fredrickson’s Five Major Elements of Strategy Content
  3. Macro-environmental analysis (PESTEL/STEEPLE) and Porter’s six Forces Framework
  4. Resource Audit, VRIO analysis of resources and capabilities
  5. Relevant international models; Yip’s model, Gilani & Razeghi/Perlmutter’s management orientation framework
  6. Step 2 – Summative Analysis:

    Based on the completion of all previous five tasks on the relevant company, you must complete a paper/report that addresses the following questions:

    1. Strategic Purpose and ESG. Examine the purpose of the chosen company. Critically review and evaluate their ESG credentials.
    2. How coherent and consistent is the company’s strategy? Examine how well the different elements of its strategy content fit together?
    1. Taking a particular significant geographic markete e.g Africa, India or South East Asia analyse and evaluate the principal opportunities and threats:
      1. In terms of the broader macro-environment;
      2. In terms of the industry/competitive environment?
    2. In terms of its resources and capabilities, examine the 5 key resources of the organization and assess how well positioned is the company to stave off these threats and take advantage of these opportunities?
    3. Critically review the company’s internationalisation efforts/international presence to date, focusing where possible, on its most current activities. The response to this should include, where relevant, coverage of:
      1. A review of the drivers of internationalization, modes of expansion it uses and international

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