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May 02, 2023
Prepare a report (2,000 words +/- 10% excluding the references list, appendices, graphs and tables). The report will need to include the following:
Prepare a report about the sustainability issue of noise and the management challenges that it creates for operators in the aviation industry.
1)Summarise the sustainability problems for wider society that are associated with noise from the aviation industry.
2)Choose any three of the recognised management functions as highlighted and described in the presentation you received before being given this assignment (any three from directing; planning; organising; staffing; controlling; communicating).
For each of your chosen management functions, provide examples of how aviation industry operators manage noise by applying that form of management.
Evaluate the effectiveness of each of the three management approaches highlighted.
Include reference to various industry operators in your report – do not restrict yourself to one particular company.
3)Explain and evaluate the threats to aviation businesses resulting from poor noise management and opportunities for aviation businesses created by effective noise management.

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