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Oct 14, 2023

Question: Write 3 paragraphs describing why you will wake Tabby and make sure she stays awake until story time is over. Each paragraph must contain at least five well constructed sentences. The sentences must make sense and must be in line with best practices in the child development field of study for young children.

Everyday after lunch, Mrs. Cook holds a 20 minute story time in her pre-school classroom.
She carefully choses age appropriate books to read to her twenty preschoolers.
She want to teach her students about practicing "kindness."
She has the children to sit in a circle on the special ABC rug spread on the floor, just for story time activities.
Mrs. Cooks sits in her story time rocking chair.
Tabby misses school a lot.
When four-year old Tabby comes to school, as soon as, Mrs. Cook begins to read at story time, Tabby falls asleep

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