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Mar 30, 2023

Module Code :- TH6174
Module Title :- Theology Dissertation
Assessment Type : Assignment
Module Level :- 6
Module Credit :- 40 CC 20 ECTS
Available to Restrictions :- N/A
Expected Student Learning Activity and Contact Hours
400 hours of study of which 6 hours are tutor contact incorporating workshops/seminars (4 hours) and
supervision (2 hours).
TH6174 Theology Dissertation Assignment – UK.

TH6174 Theology Dissertation Assignment

Attendance Guidance :-
Students are expected to attend all workshops and seminars facilitated by the Academic Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and they are also expected to attend the one-to-one meetings scheduled with their respective supervisors to discuss progress on their dissertation.

Module Content
Private theological research under the supervision of a designated tutor.

Aims :
The module aims to:
1.Develop students’ ability to carry out independent and sustained research under supervision.
2.Develop students’ theological articulation in a written thesis format.

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