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May 15, 2023
The Contested Definition Essay is a 4-6 page essay that defines and analyzes a contested or misunderstood concept important to one of
your communities.
PROJECT OBJECTIVES Successful contested definition essays should effectively accomplish
the following goals, which are further explained in module resources:
• Explains the ways in which a concept is variously defined
• Analyzes and evaluates these different definitions
• Argues that the concept should be defined in a particular way
• Reveals why this definition of a concept is important Essays will be evaluated on how successfully they accomplish these
goals, though writers can accomplish these goals in a variety of ways.
PROJECT STEPS (MODULES 5-7) • Learn about the genre by reading lectures and studying sample
essays (Mod 5)
• Brainstorm and plan for your contested definition essay
• Draft and workshop your contested definition essay
• Revise and reflect on your contested definition essay

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