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May 13, 2023

The objective of this assignment is to give students an opportunity to discuss and reflect upon theargumentative interactions in their daily lives, to see the principles and concepts of argumentation inthese interactions, to evaluate these interactions and practices (specifically to think about how things might have gone better), and, over time, to improve student’s skills at participating in thoseinteractions and their abilities to manage disagreement productively. This assignment requires you toact as participant-observer and maintain a record of your argumentative interactions with othermembers of your peer/family group over the term. This record should be both descriptive andprescriptive, explaining what happened and how you can better manage similar situations in thefuture. That is, you should describe what transpired, analyze the interaction using concepts andprinciples from this course, and evaluate the interaction, suggesting ways to improve in the future asappropriate. Your goal is to incorporate argumentation techniques over time to improve yourinteractions with others and to understand how argumentation can or can’t work in differentsituations. I will grade your written report. It should include: (a) an introduction that describes yourpeer/family group; (b) each entry, containing your analysis and reflections, in chronological order,identified by date; and, (c) a conclusion section that reflects on your experience as a whole. To besuccessful at this assignment, you will need to do it over the course of the semester, shortly after anargument interaction! Students that wait until the end of the semester do not have much success atrecreating what happened months previously

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