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Aug 19, 2023

This document sets out the guidelines for the preparation and write-up of the Minor Dissertation (Part 2) module.  This module forms the second part of the Minor Dissertation document, the first of which, Minor Dissertation (Part 1) is prepared and written up in semester 1. The Minor Dissertation (Part 2) is a standalone final year module, worth 5 ECTS credits. Be sure to give it equal attention to all of your other final semester modules.

This document sets out the guidelines for completing the methodology chapter, presenting and analysanalyzing findings (Findings chapter), and drawing the Minor Dissertation to a conclusion (Conclusion and Recommendations chapter).  These chapters would typically form the middle and final chapters of a traditional dissertation.


Further clarification on the Minor Dissertation (Part 2) write-up process and deadlines are shared at the relevant briefing sessions/workshops scheduled for this semester.  You also have the opportunity to discuss the process with your Supervisor as well as consulting relevant books in the library, on Moodle and online.

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