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Module Code :- TMA04
Assignment Title :- Turnaround Management Association
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Word count: The total word limit for the emTMA is 2000 words. All the words you use to answer the questions including quotations and citations, are included in your word count. Footnotes are not part of the word count. You must include an accurate word count at the end of your assignment. Any words used that exceed the overall word count will not be marked or commented on.
TMA04 TMA Assignment – UK

You must provide a reference list. The reference list is not included in the word count. Primary sources do not need to be in the reference list, but should be in the footnotes.

This emTMA is designed to test your knowledge of Units 16 and 17.

The emTMA is worth 40% of your overall assessment score for the module. For more information on module assessment, see Section 3.2 of the W112 Module Guide.

The emTMA consists of three questions. You are expected to answer all questions. Your answers should be written in your own words.

It is recommended that you answer the questions using approximately the number of words shown in Table 1.

Learning outcomes :-
This emTMA will allow you to demonstrate the following learning outcomes:
Knowledge and understanding:
• the law of defamation
• defamatory meaning.

• apply legal authority to develop reasoned answers to questions
• communicate ideas clearly and concisely in writing
• reflect on your own learning and development.

The following pages set out the questions for this assignment.
You must ensure that you have read the learning outcomes and the advice given for these questions before starting work on your assignment.

Question 1
Davina is a professional artist and sculptor. She has undertaken a number of high profile commissions. One such commission is a sculpted statue to honour the legacy of a well known author and rights activist where the art dis plays a partially naked woman.

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