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May 20, 2023
1) Bangladesh: The Rana Plaza Tragedy
2) Bangladesh Factory Collapse: Who Deserves the Blame
3) Undercover in a Bangladesh Clothing Factory


Chapter 2 – Managing Interdependence, Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Sustainability (Deresky, 2017)
Multinational corporations (MNC) have offices/factories in different countries, in addition to their home country, where global management is coordinated. The function of the MNC is to provide accessibility of different products to various countries.

Chapter Learning Objective #1 – “To understand the social responsibility of multinational corporations toward their various constituencies around the world, in particular their responsibilities toward human rights.” Deresky (2017) contends that social responsibility includes the expectation that corporations concern themselves with the economic and social effects of their decisions.

Access 3 short videos on blackboard (week 3) titled (a) Bangladesh: The Rana Plaza Tragedy, (b) Bangladesh Factory Collapse: Who Deserves the Blame? and (c) Undercover in a Bangladesh Clothing Factory. Through the lens of The Bangladesh Disaster, the textbook, and other informed and credible sources, answer the following questions:

1) To what extent was it ignorance or negligence on behalf of the global apparel industry that led to the fire in the Tazreen Fashions Factory in Bangladesh that killed 1,127 workers in November 2012?
2) How should retailers balance their profitability against their responsibilities and reputation in overseas contracting?
3) Who are the stakeholders in this situation?
4) Who are the partners who should be held accountable?

Instructions: Please cite all your scholarly source(s) within the paragraph(s). The video provide foundation and are obviously a creditable source. However, consider (but do not be limited to) the following sources — the Financial Times, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, East Asia Economic Forum, Global Times, BBC News, Indian Economy, Goldman Sachs Podcasts, Bloomberg, CNN, and Google Finance

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