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Mar 31, 2023

Unit Title : Topic Literature And Critical Analysis
Word count: Approximately 3,000-4,000
Section 1: Developed description of the research able topic that is suitable for being addressed through the collection and analysis of data (rather than just literature)
Section 2: Clear and coherent outline of the aims and objectives of the research that are going to be addressed through the collection and analysis of data. You are required to specify what it is you want to find out and why. You will need to consider the question; what will we know once you have completed the research that we do not know now? You need to explicitly address the following items:
• Provide a comprehensive background to the research objectives, identifying the relevant issues underlying the research you intend to undertake;
• A developed justification for the doing the research that needs to be embedded in the literature and not just based on personal motivation;
• Place the research focus in the relevant business discipline(s) and academic area(s) that relate to the research to indicate where you will access relevant theories and frameworks that you can use to operationalize the research.
Topic, Literature And Critical Analysis Assignment 1 – Griffith College Dublin Ireland.

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