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May 17, 2023
    1. Examine and discuss the key challenges around corporate responsibility, relating directly to the ethical stance adopted by firms within the industry. You must relate to the core models/theories and concepts that are directly covered in the module content.
    2. From your research of the industry, analyze and explain how firms within your chosen industry are conducting themselves in terms of their responsibility approach. Compare any examples firm identified with that of a main competitor firm. Discuss why the example firms have opted to implement their responsible approach to applying these actions, behaviors, or practices. Identify and explain what the “best practice” is from the evidence analyzed, making references to ethical and moral issues.
    3. Make recommendations for firms in the industry to show how they may become more sustainable (hence ethical) by considering practices related to the themes of People, Planet, and Profit’. Make recommendations for businesses in the chosen industry to identify where they could be more sustainable, taking into account any international considerations.
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