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Apr 03, 2023

Unit Code & title : UMAD47-15-M Managing Finance
Weighting : 75 per cent of total module mark
Assessment Type : Assignment
Word Count : 2000 words
Assessment Instructions : Choose from one of the two options.
Option A-
You are required to write an investigatory business report identifying problems and/or recommending solutions for improvement in the management of profitability, liquidity and/or efficiency of an existing business either from students’ own workplace or a public listed company* (PLC). This will be carried out by using Ratio Analysis on the latest data available in the published financial statements of the business for 2019-2021.Absence of data for 2021 will lead
to a failure in this assignment. You should use the ratios which were taught in this module.This is an individual piece of work. The report should be predominately analytical rather than descriptive. Please read the marking guidelines carefully which give a good indication on the possible contents and strucutre for this report.
UMAD47-15-M Managing Finance Assignment – West England University UK.

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