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Oct 21, 2023

Assignment Question

Write a paper that explains the design of three or four significant learning activities that scaffold student learning, incorporate technology, and differentiate learning. Also, align each activity to competencies, outcomes, and CBE concepts. Before developing the learning activities, you should analyze CBE materials to ensure your learning activities align to research-based practices. Apply these concepts to your learning activities. A template is provided to guide your work and to make sure you address all points. Part 1: Activity Design for 2nd grade Address the following points for each learning activity. Use the Competency-Based Activity Design Template Pedagogical Strategy. Provide a brief description of each activity, including the role of the teacher and the student. Discuss the pedagogical strategy. Be sure that it aligns to research-based practices, and cite your sources. Differentiation. Describe how the activity will provide opportunities for differentiation and scaffolding to meet the needs of all students. Technology. Design the activity to include technology at the modification and redefinition levels of SAMR. Explain how the technology should be used to engage students and deepen learning. Competency-Based Activity Design. Describe how each activity is aligned to CBE concepts. Align each activity to the competencies and outcomes the activity seeks to help students master. Assessment. Describe the formative assessment for the activity and how the results would alter the learning activities. Part 2: Activity Analysis After you have explained your three or four activities, provide an analysis for your activities as a whole. Address the following: Analyze how the activities work together to help students master the outcomes. Learning activities should be connected and scaffold learning. Explain how you considered students’ prior knowledge when designing the activities. Explain how you will provide opportunities for extension and remediation. Be sure that the activities all work together and progress in order. Be realistic and mindful of your time frames and consider your students’ prior knowledge when designing your activities. Written comm

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