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Apr 25, 2023
  1. You will explore the question of ethics, social media, and cancel culture. For this topic you will need to be clear about the terms you are using: for example, what is the difference between online shaming and cancel culture? What are the ethics of shaming? Is social media the correct place to shame someone? What might be the benefits and the problems of doing so? Is it ever acceptable to call out someone so publically and with no controls maintaining civility? Again, you are free to draw on the work you have done in this area, and the readings we have been doing in the past few weeks. You can also draw in elements from the previous work you have done about the impact on health of social media use – specifically shaming and cancelling. Paper must be 10-12 pages.

    Please answer the three questions of:
    – How is it possible for cancel culture to come about and how does it affect the person being cancelled?
    – How does the incorrect usage of social media affect a person’s future and health?
    – Should there be certain guidelines and restrictions pertaining to ethics for social media use?

    Please use the two attached articles as sources for the paper, but feel free to add more sources if needed.


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