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Oct 14, 2023

Question: Think about our own development as you prepare for to graduate. Write a letter to your younger self and answer the questions below in your letter: My major is Child Development and Early Literacy. I graduate in December 2023 with my bachelor`s degree at Grambling State University. I plan to work in Monroe City Schools in Louisiana. I plan to teach Pre-k- 3rd grade. I plan to enroll back in Grambling State University to obtain my Master`s degree.

Do you think you are prepared to get the "DREAM JOB"?

Are you equipped with all the skills for you to be successful for the future?

What are you special skills sets?

What makes you unique?

What do you bring to the workforce in Child Development?

What have you learned?

What have you done with your education to be prepared to obtain a job in the FCS field?

Why should someone hire you?

Where do you do from here?

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