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Oct 20, 2023

Question: In this assignment you are asked to spend time learning from the interactive map that depicts both the cost and also affordability (expressed by the share of the population that cannot afford) of a healthy diet, a nutrient-adequate diet, and a calorie-sufficient diet. Using the questions below to guide your research, respond to each question (or set of questions) writing a short paragraph to give your repsonse as well as your rationale.

Exploring the Cost and Affordability of diets across the world - Food prices refer to the average price of particular food commodities. This is measured at a global level, but is important to track across regions and countries too - food prices can vary a lot, and changes over time can often give us insights into the underlying markets and agricultural production within countries. The price of foods gives an important indicator of the balance between agricultural production and market demand. These prices matter to consumers and producers. They have obvious impacts on consumer affordability. But they also affect the income of farmers and producers. In low-to-middle-income countries, a large share of the population is employed in agriculture. Producers typically benefit from higher food prices; consumers from lower prices. Food markets can therefore have a strong impact on food affordability, hunger and undernourishment, and dietary quality. On this page, you can find data, visualizations, and writing on global and country-level food prices and expenditures, the affordability of food, and how this has changed over time.

Lets start with a healthy diet - what is the range of cost per day worldwide? Are you surprised by the cost per day ($) for a healthy diet in Canada? Recall, these values are from 2020.

What about affordability - how does this change the perspective on `access` to a healthy diet? What do you notice on a global scale?
Lets shift to considering a `nutrient-adequate` diet, as well as the `calorie-sufficient` diet - how does this shift the proportion of those that can afford access to this type of diet?

What do you think the change in food items would be (here in Canada) to go from a healthy diet to a calorie-sufficient diet?

What overall observations or insights do you glean from this short exercise? This assignment should show: Clarity, Conciseness, Depth of Analysis, Organization and Originality

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