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Oct 23, 2023

Case Study: You are to create a workout plan to last 8 weeks for a healthy individual with no pre-existing conditions. Your goal is to create a plan that will maximize the formation and release of anabolic hormones. Plans derived from online sources, blogs, fitness influencers, and general media articles will not be accepted. Use your textbook and research articles to design your plan and support your points.

Questions: Include the answers to the following questions in your response:

  • Understand what anabolic hormones ARE. You may want to define them.
  • What exercises will you give the person to maximize anabolic hormone release? Why would you choose those exercises? Support your choices with valid references.
  • Would you keep the workout the same during all eight weeks, or would you alter the plan to progress the person? Why or why not? Support your choices with valid references.
  • Will you include cardio and strength? Why or why not? Support your choices with valid references.
  • Be as complete as possible in your answers. Explaining your reasoning will be beneficial! There is no wrong answer as long as you can support what you say. It is fine to draw on your experiences somewhat, but I would much rather you cite your textbook and the research to make your plan. Remember to include at a minimum: frequency, intensity, time (duration), type of exercises.

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