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Oct 21, 2023

Introduction Page- should have a title, which may be your business name or logo picture of your product or service .

Question 1a.) - What are you going to produce? Why did you choose this to produce? Give a little background on why you chose this item to produce. Does it have special meaning to you? Is it something you already do? Is it a family business? Do you think you can make a lot of money selling this good or service? - What investment in human capital will you personally need in order to make this a successful business model? - Does it require a college degree? Will you need to learn a new skill? - Include 1-3 pictures of your product or service

Question 1b.) - How are you going to produce? Give examples of each productive resources (i.e. factors of production): natural resources (i.e. land), human resources (i.e. labor and human capital), physical capital and entrepreneurship - Include 1-3 pictures of these resources.

Question 1c.) For whom are you going to produce? Who is your target consumer? What market structure will your business operate in? i.e. monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic competition, and pure (perfect) competition. How do you know? - How will this market structure affect your ability to set your price? What barriers to entry will your business face? - Include a relevant picture (could be of your consumer, your competition or both)

Question 1d.) - What forms of business organization will you establish? i.e. sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation Why did you choose this structure? Give at least two benefits this type of business organization has over other types of business? Give 1 or more drawback to this type of business organization, and explain how you will overcome these drawoacks Include another picture of your product or your logo to keep this page interesting.

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