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Oct 16, 2023

Question  1. What is likely to have led to increased trust for the IT organization?

Question 2. What might explain an item that is seemingly quite unrelated to IT (costs per kilometer flown) decreased as a result of the new CIO structure?

Question 3. What business/IT maturity level did KLM appear to exhibit (a) in 2000 and (b) in 2017? Why?

Question 4. Why do you think that KLM requires its employees to use a standard business case template when they want to make an investment?

Question 5. Describe how an executive board might react to a proposal to purchase 40,000 tablet devices for nearly all of a firm`s employees. What kind of presentation would be necessary to head off a fierce board protest?

Question 6. Do you think passengers might be likely to spend more on food items on a flight when a tablet is used by the flight attendant? Why or why not?

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