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(1000-1200 words)
To maintain objectivity, use third person (Links to an external site.) in your analysis. Do not use first or second person. No “I.” No “You.”
This essay asks you to look at value conflicts and assumptions, both stated and hidden, in relation to Silent Spring. In particular, think about the differing viewpoints of folks involved in pesticide use: farmers, business people, chemical manufacturers, farmworkers, government officials, consumers, environmentalists, or any other group you can think of that’s affected by the issue. Pick at least two groups, but choose more if need be.
Read the articles in the weblinks at the end of this page for more information.
Below is are links to a sample essay in MS Word or PDF to help guide you.
Pesticides Versus Sustainable Growing PDF
Pesticides Versus Sustainable Growing MS Word
Silent Spring and Module 4 Reading References
Refer to Silent Spring and to Module 4 readings, when appropriate, and refer to one or more the websites listed below, as appropriate, for information.
Your thesis will be a prescriptive conclusion on the issue based your own assumptions and beliefs. After reading looking at the various viewpoints on the issue, what’s the best way to resolve these conflicting beliefs? Is spraying the best solution? Should a given chemical be banned? Should we keep using a given pesticide and just change the way it’s applied? Should we limit use? Notice that the word “should” indicates a prescriptive thesis.
Use the articles at the links below to help guide you, and be sure to cite in MLA format. (order note: does not need to be used just for support of topics.”
US News and World Report: Round-Up Does Not Cause CancerLinks to an external site.
NPR: Jury Awards $2 Billion in Round-up SettlementLinks to an external site.
Pesticides, Strawberries, and SchoolsLinks to an external site. I LIKED THIS ONE AND BELIEVE IT IS USEFUL
Strawberries + PesticidesLinks to an external site. I FOUND THIS ONE HELPFUL
the MedflyLinks to an external site.
Light Brown Apple MothLinks to an external site.
FDA Bans Bee-Killing PesticidesLinks to an external site.
Why Do We Need Pesticides?Links to an external site.
Pesticides are Good for Profit, Not PeopleLinks to an external site.
Shaping Agriculture for Farmers, Consumers, and the PlanetLinks to an external site.
Additional Topic: Environmental Racism
This value conflict essay will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss environmental racism, should you choose to write about it.
Below is a link to an article about it:
“Pesticides and Environmental Justice”
Links to an external site.”
Think here of the field workers who are subjected to pesticide exposure and the location of schools next to strawberry fields that are sprayed.
What does our acceptance of these conditions say about our society and what we value and what we prioritize?

In attached pictures.

Find information about how the various modes of transportation are connected.
Use the following questions to help guide your research:
• What local, national, and international mass transportation systems exist?
• What overlaps exist between them? Where are the points of overlap?
• Who oversees security and safety for each system? Are there vulnerabilities at the overlap points?
• How effective is the communication between the agencies that oversee the separate transportation systems?
• How is border security addressed? What cooperation must exist between national and international agencies to ensure safe and secure borders?
Step 2
Create an electronic slide presentation.
Using presentation software, develop four slides summarizing the results of your research. Where appropriate, try to use graphics or visual aids to illustrate how the transportation systems are interrelated and overlap.
Step 3
Add presentation notes.
Once you have developed your slides, add presentation notes (what you would actually say when presenting the slides) that add value and do not repeat what is written on the slide.

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