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Dec 05, 2023

Assignment: Business & Finance

Part I

Describe your experiences with engaging, aligning, and influencing project stakeholders:

Question A. Did you develop a stakeholder register? If not, what would be different if you did?

Question B. Describe how you have or would implement a stakeholder management strategy on a technical project.

Question C. What elements of a Political Plan (text Chapter 4 and Table 10.2 template in Project Sponsorship book Appendix) would help?

Question D. Complete the Sponsor Evaluation Survey: review the evaluation criteria; post and comment on your scores. How can you move forward to build upon strengths and improve performance, such as coaching your sponsor?

Either copy this table into your post and fill in the data from your sponsor survey in the lower cells, or use the supplied Excel spreadsheet (or spreadsheet from Survey Tables in the General Q&A Discussion area) Data must be numerical.

Part II

From the book on Project Sponsorship: Achieving Management Commitment for Project Success, 2nd Ed, provide your analysis and reactions about which practices are currently done well or not well in a current organization. What take-aways from the reading will you implement to manage up an organization? How can you ensure adequate sponsorship is present and sustained on technical projects?

Highlight your lessons learned from this reading. Describe which practices may be especially meaningful for you. How might you adopt, adapt, and apply them on current or future projects?

Part III

Then, using what you learned from your transcription, as well as considering the entire recording, reflects on your presentation. In a paragraph of approximately 250 words, answer the following:

Question A. What do you think went well about creating this presentation?

Question B. What was challenging about creating this presentation?

Question C. What surprised you about this assignment?

Question D. Consider your language, including sounds (consonants and vowels), prosody (word stress, rhythm, and intonation). Did you hear any errors? Name them specifically. Please also rate your delivery, including volume, rate, and fluency. Finally, do you notice any grammar errors?

Question E. Summarize the feedback you received from your classmates. Do you agree or disagree?

Question F. What, if anything, will you do differently the next time you create a presentation?

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