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Oct 18, 2023

Question: Please select and briefly describe the conflict that you intend to use for your Final Project. A description of a specific conflict with relevant history, background, primary and secondary players, salient issues, and any relevant factors related to the conflict. Include the central issues and the parties involved in your conflict. A general explanation of how you would go about resolving the conflict and what goal(s) you would pursue related to it. What would resolution of the conflict look like? A brief summary of the approach that you would use to attempt to resolve the conflict and an explanation of why you chose the approach. An outline of the steps that you would take, based on the approach you selected, to resolve the conflict. For each step, explain what implementing it would look like with respect to your conflict. An explanation of the relevant and most important intrapsychic, personal, interpersonal, and intergroup factors that might come into play in your conflict and what their impact might be. A description of cultural factors that are relevant to your conflict. Explain how they contribute to the conflict, the issues that they raise, and how they might impact the process and outcome of the resolution process. An explanation of any ethical issues that are inherent in the conflict itself or might come up in the process of resolving the conflict. An explanation of the strengths and limitations of the specific approach that you selected as it relates to your conflict. An explanation of how you would use the strengths of the approach to foster a resolution of the conflict. An explanation of how you could compensate for the limitations of the approach in attempting to resolve the conflict. A prediction of what you think the outcome might be if the parties involved in the conflict engaged in the conflict resolution process that you described. Explain why you think this outcome will come about.

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