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QUESTION 1. Which of the following are roles of the business analyst? Select all that apply. Connect end users with the right engineers to address their workflow challenges. Translate processes into technical requirements. Analyze current state workflows, identify opportunities for improvement, and partner with end users and technical counterparts on solutions. Establish the specific policies and protocols that end users should follow and the data items they should collect to optimize system security.

QUESTION 2. Which of the following statements is TRUE about decomposition diagrams? Select one. They are a preliminary data model for the eventual reporting structure you will design as a business analyst. They show the relationship between specific activities in a specified business unit. They do not include the processes and activities in the "Exclusions" section of the scope document. None of the above.

QUESTION 3. You are a business analyst at Target. Which of the following represent business processes that are relevant to Target? Select one. Marketing, Merchandising, Finance Returning an item in-store, Using the self checkout lane, Placing a pickup order Enter payment information, Press the request help button, Scan a coupon All of the above

QUESTION 4. Which of the following are best practices for building an activity diagram? Select all that apply. Include traceability notation to link activities back to requirements. Decision points are shown in diamonds, and the resulting process paths/options flow from them. Connect steps via arrows that show the direction of the workflow. Be specific about what button or activity users need to access/click.

QUESTION 5. What set of criteria best describes a successful IT project? Select one. Meets business needs, uses the fastest and newest software or codebase, improves process efficiency. Emphasizes usability, addresses all of the business requirements from the BRD, replicates current state processes as closely as possible. Improves accuracy and efficiency for end users, is responsive and stable, emphasizes configuration options over defaults so end users can redesign the tooling for their needs. Designed with an eye to the future and can evolve as the business changes, is intuitive to use, adheres to requirements and exclusions from the scope document.

QUESTION 6. Which of the following statements are NOT true about business requirements? Select all that apply. They are defined as part of an iterative process with stakeholders. They are also known as "feature lists", "statements of work", and "traceability matrices." They are used to document end user needs and tracked in the BRD. They focus on why a feature is needed, and how it should be built.

QUESTION 7. Which of the following are IT project risks? Select all that apply. 3 of the 5 engineers have limited experience using the programming language Python. Inflation may remain high well into 2025 The tablets we`re using to deploy the product were purchased over 2 years ago and are starting to experience more frequent crashes and breakage. An earthquake may strike NYC, resulting in a widespread power outage and damage to the data center building.

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