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Oct 19, 2023


Question A. Review examples of Public Service Announcements For Natural Disasters & Severe Weather scripts.

Question B. Review multiple Disasters and Emergencies (on the left-hand menu bar), which review proper steps that should be taken before, during, and after a specific event or threat.

Question C. Describe the nature of the situation.

Question D. Explain what FEMA and others are doing to mitigate the situation.

Question E. Explain what people need to do to stay safe or to get help to reduce panic.

Question F. Note: Remember, for this week`s discussion, you are not a reporter. You work for FEMA and need to address the audience with answers.

Question G. What are the issues you will address first?

Question H. Which organization is responsible for what? Where will you allocate your resources?

Question I. What public health concerns are the results of each of these events?

Question J. Which populations might be most at risk?

Question K. What are some of the long-term health effects of these events?

Question L. What other health concerns may arise from these events?

Question M. What will you say to the people who are desperately awaiting your direction?

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