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May 03, 2023
Write a 7-10 page analytical research paper on the topic about why are we so afraid of robots? Why are robots so often used in horror movies or popular culture? An analysis of robots in the genre of horror in MLA format, using at least 4-6 secondary sources. The sources are Allyn, Bobby. “The Hit Horror Movie ‘m3gan’ Taps into Our Fears around Artificial Intelligence” and Bisset, Jennifer. “’jung_e’ On Netflix: A Beautifully Heartrending Sci-Fi Thriller” and Greguska, Emma, and Scott Seckel. “Why Seeing Robots in Pop Culture Is Important” and Osawa, Hirotaka, et al. “Visions of Artificial Intelligence and Robots in Science Fiction: A Computational Analysis – International Journal of Social Robotics.” Your paper should follow a clear outline, which may include but is not limited to: introductory paragraph with thesis statement, background information and/or context, 2-3 subtopics supporting your thesis (1-3 paragraphs each), counter-argument and rebuttal, conclusion with restated thesis and recommendations/takeaway. My thesis is.. By looking at movies, pop culture, and scientific studies on robotics, this paper will prove that an individual’s fears about robots stem from deep-seated cultural anxieties surrounding artificial intelligence, technology, and the unknown. the intro must reflect order of paragraphs.


Also include this third movie somewhere in the paper. It’s called “The Terminator”. For the three movies that I gave which are “Megan”, “The Terminator” and “jung_e” give in-depth analysis using data and my own experience watching them. Give a brief summary of each of these movies and how I think their depiction of AI taps into society’s fears/impacts understanding of robots. THEN use the articles to support my points. Also use parenthetical citation after paraphrasing. Also use some paraphrasing of the evidence and some direct quote evidence.


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