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Apr 27, 2023

must be above the first line supervisor level) within the criminal justice organization of your assigned command staff member, who exhibit the characteristics and styles of decision making discussed this module.


{(answer these questions by searching up the FBI’s first line supervisor level for the criminal investigations department. ) remember APA format only )}

In a paper, respond to the following using the material discussed in Module 5:
Why is one criminal justice leader effective and another not so effective? What are the differences in decision-making style? Give examples of each.

How are the characteristics of criminal justice leaders related to the decision-making style that they employ?

What are the traits and characteristics of your assigned criminal justice leader that make them more effective than other leaders?

Based on the analysis of the leaders that you have been assigned, what recommendations would you make for improving leadership in your organization? Provide justifications for your recommendations.

What measures of good leadership are used in your organization? Are these measures effective? Why or why not? What additional measures of effectiveness would you recommend?

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