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Oct 14, 2023

Case Study for Assessment

a) This is a live case study. While some requirements are mentioned in this case, students might have to do business analysis for system analysis and design.
b) It would help if you researched your client before you worked on this case.
c) Try to analyse similar systems that are on the web. See what functionality do they offer and how?
d) You will use this case for Assessments 1, 2 and 3 of MIS 300.
e) For all assessments, it is suggested that before you answer every question, you should categorically discuss your assumptions.
f) Please read the case multiple times to understand it completely. It is not very straightforward. Some parts of the case explain things well, but others are not presented in much detail. This has been done purposely. You may not find answers for everything; therefore, ‘requirement development` would help you. See the web for what requirement development is and how it is done. CMMI standard offers a detailed understanding of ‘requirement development`.

Case Scenario: Doing Good Rewards

The Case

• Doing Good Rewards (DGR) is a social enterprise, dedicated to helping charities while rewarding everyone for Doing Good.
• Our mission is every day, we get out of bed to power positive change that rewards everyone - individuals, businesses, charities and the world.
• Our why is to power positive change.
• Our vision is of a world without barriers to do good and grow enduring and fulfilling positive change together.
• We are aiming to contribute $200 million to charities by 2026.
• We can do it together.
• The Doing Good Rewards platform is the world`s first loyalty program to automatically combine discounts and charity donations in the same transaction.
• Explainer video of current model using cardlinking technology:


? Merchant = business = retailer = service provider
? DGR = Doing Good Rewards
? B2B = business to business

The Case: IT / Software Development for Merchants

Summary: Research & design what is required for DGR Merchants to be able to view transactions in their own portal/app (DOING GOOD MERCHANT APP)

This project is about creating a Merchant user experience for our current cardlinking model that DGR has in place now (this merchant app is a separate app to the customer`s app). Merchants don`t have instant visibility of valid transactions/ participating customers getting a discount.

We would be able to grow our ecosystem of merchants faster if we can provide them this real-time instant notification of valid transactions by customers who are getting a discount and giving to charity. Currently, merchants only find out about transactions that DGR members get discounts on in the weekly DGR invoice and transaction list. Merchants/ business owners want more transparency than this because they`re used to controlling who gets and when a discount is applied.

The Doing Good Merchant App should work on merchant devices at the counter of a cafe/ hairdresser etc. such as a tablet or mobile devices.

This app will show transactions for both auto-rewards offers and show-and-save offers

Show and save offers have unique QR codes in the customer`s app: this app will allow the merchant to use this new app to scan the customer`s QR code

The merchant app could be run on a mobile, a tablet or the business` POS system.
Note that the transactions data is securely stored in a database, which requires the developers to pull the data from the backend into this MERCHANT APP.

Image 1: Auto rewards (cardlinking) flow of funds/discount

Image 2: Show and save rewards QR code scan process

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