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May 10, 2023

AMS 330: Final Paper Instructions and Rubric


To conclude American Studies 330: American Lives, each student will write their own autobiography or ethnography that examines the dynamics of family, history, and memory. Students will be using the readings throughout the course as examples, but every student must create their own original autobiography or ethnography. The final paper is required to be at least five-pages double spaced (and no more than 7 pages), and must be in properly formatted in MLA, APA, or The Chicago Manual of Style. The Final Paper is due May 5th at 5pm. No late papers will be accepted.

Choose one of the options for your final paper:

Option I: Autobiography/Memoir

Write a five-page paper creating a fragment of a personal memoir that examines the dynamics of family, history, and memory present in American lives. You will create this memoir by implementing the techniques used in Bread Givers and The Woman Warrior. Think of your memoir as a chapter in your own personal version of Bread Givers and/or The Woman Warrior. You may use methods such as interweaving memoir and personal experience with fiction and myth. Your memoir must be historically accurate and well organized. You must reference any sources used to create your personal narrative with a Works Cited or References section, but no direct quotes are required as you are crafting a personal memoir.

Down below I attached screenshots of the rubic for grading.

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