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Assignment Task

Case Study

Karen has been an employee of the organization where you work for about 8 months. You are her supervisor. Karen`s attendance at supervision has been spasmodic. She has missed the last 2 supervision sessions which normally occur on a fortnightly basis. When questioned about her non-attendance Karen states that she has been `too busy` to attend supervision. You note during the conversation that Karen appears stressed, looks tired, and appears to have lost weight. You are now waiting for Karen to attend your scheduled supervision session. If she fails to attend this session it will be the third session in 6 weeks that she has missed. She is already 15 minutes late. At the end of 15 minutes, you telephone Karen. She has forgotten the time and says she cannot make it because she is on a visit to another organization and is an hour`s drive from your office. You reschedule another supervision time. You tell Karen that she must attend supervision at the allocated time and, she has agreed to attend. What will you do and how will you respond to Karen in this next supervision session?

This assessment builds on your theoretical knowledge and tests your ability to apply this knowledge to practice.

Working in groups of 2, 3, or 4 (depending on student numbers and determined by your lecturer), you are required to formulate a comprehensive & detailed integrated framework of supervision and debriefing plan for a given case scenario that you will receive from the lecturer

Students undertaking group assessments will be assessed on their capacities to work effectively in a group setting according to the nature of the group task in each unit.

Oral Presentation

  • Oral presentations start in Weeks 9-11
  • In this presentation, you will give an overview of your integrated framework of supervision and debriefing plan according to the scenario you have been allocated. You will consider the supervisor perspective in points 1 to 4 and the supervisee perspective in point 5 with the Kadushin model in the numbered points below.
  • The presentation will provide an opportunity for you to get feedback from your tutor and classmates that can be included in the final written report.
  • Powerpoint presentation with appropriate visual resources.
  • Timeframe: approximately 20-30minutes.

In your oral presentation and written report you will focus on your specific case study and outline the following:

  1. Identify any legal, ethical and organisational factors that may be hindering effective supervision in relation to the case study.
  2. Explain what aspects will be part of the contract and record keeping that will be used in assisting the supervisee in this case study.
  3. Describe what effective communication strategies, evaluation and feedback will be employed with regards to the case study.
  4. Discuss your resources to be used as relevant for this case study.
  5. Using the Kadushin model plan a framework to explain how to address your education, support, administration and mediation needs if you were actually the supervisee in the case study in your next and future supervision meetings.
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