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May 15, 2024

Assignment Task


Cryptography involves concealing secret information from untrusted individuals by transforming messages into unintelligible text that only trusted parties can decipher. In this lab, we will explore and compare three common techniques used to hide or encrypt information: secret key cryptography (DES), and public key cryptography (RSA).

  1. DES Encryption/Decryption

In this part of the lab, we will develop a program to encrypt and decrypt files using DES.

  1. RSA Encryption/Decryption

This section will focus on implementing RSA encryption and decryption methods.

  1. Performance Measurement for DES and RSA

The final part of the lab involves measuring the processing time of DES and RSA for files of varying sizes.

Task Details:

a. Generate Text Files with Specific Sizes:

  • For DES (in bytes): 8, 64, 512, 4096, 32768

b. Encrypt and Decrypt Files Using DES:

  • Utilize the DES functions developed earlier to encrypt and decrypt the generated files.
  • Measure the time taken for encryption and decryption of each file.

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